Talks about prayer in our everyday life

Tonight our lecturer, father Oliver Subotic, gave a 30-minute introductory lecture about prayer, covering Orthodox Christianity prayer experience, various types of prayers, essential needs to have attention in prayer and some practical advice for constant prayer during the day. After that, in the next 45 minutes we had an opportunity to talk about our personal experience regarding prayer and to ask some questions.

Besides listeners from english speaking countries (mostly from Australia) we had the pleasure to host a few guests from Russia and Azerbaijan, who came with their student colleagues from Serbia to hear something about prayer in Orthodoxy. The atmosphere was great and inspiring, while we were mutually exchanging our views.

The next talk about prayer will be scheduled for the second part of January, after the feast of St. John the Baptist. The topic will be: “Prayer of the mind and prayer of the heart”. The precise date will be announced soon.